I was only 15 when the Fiumicino airport was attacked by a group of terrorists who killed a few people just a few steps from me. It was a day like another chasing rockstars at the airport, people leaving people coming back, families, people of any age full of hope, looking forward to a future some of them slipped away from their fingers.

Well today I read the news of more people like these losing their future in an instant, once again and I wonder for what?
I will never understand why and wouldn’t even ask because the eyes I crossed at the airport were empty sockets. there was no soul, there was no human being, nor an animal, nor an alien, all I saw was a carcass embracing a weapon, nothing more nothing less.

But whilst violence is cruel, death is kind.

I salute the ones who survived and the families now left to cope with another heartless action due to the timeless inability to coexist in peace. It’s nothing new… in the past people found entertaining seeing others being slaughtered in public…
I won’t even go there.
Unfortunately it seems like humans are so good to evolve with technology, claim to be literate, to read, to be creative, geniuses and then…

whoever the name of your god is, certainly didn’t create the world for you to destroy it, in fact you won’t destroy it. all gods are love.

no, thanks.