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Bits and boObs about me, and what I fancy telling about my life, my visions, my own artistic and spiritual world, including curiosities of my bands THE DANSE SOCIETY, BLOODING MASK and IL SEGNO DEL COMANDO as well as external collaborations.
Whatever floats my spaceship.


Music Posted on Thu, December 31, 2015 21:41:06

I haven’t got much to say about this year. It has been one of the worst of my life because my Jazmin flew over the rainbow bridge and nothing can make me feel about it.

That’s another piece of my heart ripped off.

Clyde joining the family has done everything with to heal my wounded heart. His clumsiness and infinite loveliness have brightened our cave, even during his struggle against epilepsy of unknown origin.

Fiore might be naughty but her compassion has no equal. Mother Theresa would die to have one inch of Fiore’s heart and empathy <3

THE DANSE SOCIETY – ‘VI’ is certainly the massive highlight if the year!

Paul, Jack, Iain and Sam have been magnificent, I can’t express enough how much I admire them and how blessed I feel for being this lucky!

Another huge bonus was our gig at the SCI FI International Film Festival!

Another big highlight is one of my best gigs ever performed with IL SEGNO DEL COMANDO. Diego, Fernando, Roberto, Davide and Vinz have performed one hell of a gig!

I couldn’t be more proud of them too, without forgetting about their precious girls Carolina, Roberta and Marina 🙂

I thank the dear friends that keep supporting us with Clyde and that support our band.

Last year was about removing dishonest elements from my life and this one is about new connections and creativity.

There’s going to be more this year… I will be venturing myself in new projects while there are new gigs soon to be announced with THE DANSE SOCIETY. I’m hoping to release the new BLOODING MASK album and there’s chance for some solo stuff as well.

So many ideas and such a little time!

Thing is, when you are in love like I am, all of the above gravitates happily around your other half, which in my case it’s my other half and a half more 🙂

Anyway, enough of 2015.

Happy New year, everyone 🙂

Made it a sexy and kickass one


New video with THE DANSE SOCIETY

Music Posted on Mon, September 28, 2015 14:32:13

I didn’t have much time recently to upload my blog but one thing I really want to do is not only to announce that VI is now available to order and preorder on the official website of THE DANSE SOCIETY, but to introduce personally the gorgeous video of STAR WHISPERER.


What’s special about this video? well first of all the images were all designed by artist Sean Taylor, who based on the lyrics generated the beautiful, old school gothic images that you can see in the video.
Then what we did was to animate them in the old fashioned way, with invisible threads and paper. In addition digital editing has added a little more movement and drama.
The result still gives me shivers… shivers because I still remember the day when the whole band were sitting in the rehearsal place, starting with a few accords, then I wrote a few things down on my mobile. my mobile’s battery died so I sent the lyric to Iain’s mobile and so we went on and on crafting the song.
Then the magic happened.

Then the video popped.

It is always a blessing when an Idea takes shape and weight and is now there.
What else could you call it other than magic?

But if you wish to know where the story comes from or where the inspiration came, it all started around march this year when I have read of a homeless guy and his sad story. Now in the real story he managed to get help and to rebuild his life thankfully (or at least this is what the article said) whilst in ‘Star Whisperer’ I have stuck the sense of solitude and pain through my experience as I have been homeless a long time ago.
The guy in ‘Star Whisperer’ dies, in silence, buried by indifference and by the noise of the city. Nobody knew his name. Nobody paid attention.
Still, a few people notice him and share this flower for him.
The people who are usually empathetic are the ones who have been suffering.
It might not sound a great deal but even a thought is a big thing when someone is in pain.
Thinking about people that suffer in the world is not a wasting of time.
Thoughts turn into energy and energy can change the matter.

This is what ‘Star whisperer’ is about.


Music Posted on Wed, July 29, 2015 23:40:05

A personal tribute to THE CLASH on commission 🙂
with a few random pics to smile