I didn’t have much time recently to upload my blog but one thing I really want to do is not only to announce that VI is now available to order and preorder on the official website of THE DANSE SOCIETY, but to introduce personally the gorgeous video of STAR WHISPERER.


What’s special about this video? well first of all the images were all designed by artist Sean Taylor, who based on the lyrics generated the beautiful, old school gothic images that you can see in the video.
Then what we did was to animate them in the old fashioned way, with invisible threads and paper. In addition digital editing has added a little more movement and drama.
The result still gives me shivers… shivers because I still remember the day when the whole band were sitting in the rehearsal place, starting with a few accords, then I wrote a few things down on my mobile. my mobile’s battery died so I sent the lyric to Iain’s mobile and so we went on and on crafting the song.
Then the magic happened.

Then the video popped.

It is always a blessing when an Idea takes shape and weight and is now there.
What else could you call it other than magic?

But if you wish to know where the story comes from or where the inspiration came, it all started around march this year when I have read of a homeless guy and his sad story. Now in the real story he managed to get help and to rebuild his life thankfully (or at least this is what the article said) whilst in ‘Star Whisperer’ I have stuck the sense of solitude and pain through my experience as I have been homeless a long time ago.
The guy in ‘Star Whisperer’ dies, in silence, buried by indifference and by the noise of the city. Nobody knew his name. Nobody paid attention.
Still, a few people notice him and share this flower for him.
The people who are usually empathetic are the ones who have been suffering.
It might not sound a great deal but even a thought is a big thing when someone is in pain.
Thinking about people that suffer in the world is not a wasting of time.
Thoughts turn into energy and energy can change the matter.

This is what ‘Star whisperer’ is about.