I have decided to welcome the suggestion of a few friends and open a blog to attach to my website, because Facebook is losing far too much credibility and reliability.
The fact that they don’t seem to ditch trolls, clones, clowns and impersonators makes it rather useless, so here we go, let’s see how practical it is to have a blog.

I have finally started passing infos to update my website and with horror I realised it has been a long time since I did it! There’s so much going on at the moment, ‘VI’ the new album with THE DANSE SOCIETY out next month, new social activism projects I am working on, plus the fact that I want to start mentoring new artists on a musical level, are keeping me rather busy and …. ok ok I admit it, I have just been on holiday in Crete!

One little thing to say about Crete, it’s true HEAVEN! Not that I don’t like Scarborough, in fact I am not missing mosquitoes or the excessive temperature, but I enjoyed the place, the people and the excellent food. Of course my suitcase was full of honey pots, Minotaur’s blood (red wine) and new high heels!

Bloggity blog blog…
is it a prince or is it a frog?